Thursday, April 18, 2013


I wouldn't call myself a radical feminist by any means, and I'm sometimes disappointed with the stereotypical woman's-world life I've led (so far), but the other night I found myself flipping through the channels on TV and I came across this on America's Top Model:

The contest for the week was to see who could look the most convincingly TAXIDERMIED on film.  The girl in the picture above got an extra point from the judges because her collar bones showed through the hole.  I am not even kidding. 

My mouth was hanging open and I was speechless.  This is the nineties, people!  (it's not? oh.)  We have come too far to pretend we were hunted and our heads are hanging in a den as a trophy!  That is not even a sentence anyone should ever have to write!  The show should be renamed "America's dumbest, most shameless, anti-female, shithead," starring queen of the shitheads, Tyra Banks!

Crazy moron

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