Saturday, April 13, 2013


My dad got a Truthcam 35! wildlife camera for Christmas.  You set it up in the woods and then when something walks by, it snaps a picture.  I think it must be on a motion sensor.  Here's some of his pics:

For some reason I find this picture very funny.  It's deer forehead.  And did you notice the deer in the background biting at his own butt?  Funny.

(not a deer)
Did you notice all the goddamn snow we still have?  It has been snowing for days and days.  It is SO ANNOYING.  


  1. Yikes! Our snow is finally gone...hope yours follows soon. That camera is the deer ear and forehead!

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  3. I want one of those cameras!!
    And talk about snow --here too!!! WTF, a few days of spring and now we have more snow than all winter long!!

  4. TRUTHcam. What a silly name. TRUTHcam should expose the TRUTH. IMO


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