Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Program #1

Kira's big Christmas concert was today. It was pretty good. It was crowded, as usual. I had to get there an hour and a half early to get a seat in the third row. I forgot my iPod too so I just had to sit there and talk to people to pass the time. Oh, the humanity. (just kidding) But the concert wasn't too long and the kids were SUPER cute. I absolutely love boys in little tiny ties. One second grader was wearing a short sleeve dress shirt and a tie and he looked totally natural and comfortable, like a tiny pharmacist.

Kira was cute too, as usual. Here she is by the tree this morning:

And here she is singing her solo, Oh Holy Night. She really belted it out and if you closed your eyes you'd think it was Barbara Streisand.

Just kidding. She wasn't singing. She had to say one line about Kwanzaa and she did it perfectly, however as her mother, I could hear the almost unnoticeable pause in the middle of her line and saw the split second look on her face that was sheer panic. But she pulled it off. Good girl! After that she went up to her spot on the risers. Here's the best picture I could get of her up there:

The kid with the Santa hat wouldn't get her gigantic head out of the way so I could get a good picture. Thanks a lot, kid.

One last thing; we had a who-can-make-the-ugliest-face contest this morning in front of the computer. Who do you think won?


  1. What a doll Kira is....well a doll when you look at her then she goes in punches a person (a pregnant person at that)right between the eyes...you're both ugly btw.

  2. I think you are both adorable! Send me the pic of her by the tree so I can send it to the grams.

  3. I like how Kira is trying to be ugly and she looks so cute....and you're trying to be ugly and you look hideous. Way to pull it off!!

  4. I wish I had a sister.

  5. I am jealous of people who look cute when they make ugly face.

  6. Now, even though I don't really know Kira, I bet she was thinking about swiping that stupid Santa hat off that girl and bonking her over the head with it. I woulda.


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