Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ramble ramble ramble

I made some Chex mix yesterday because Chex was on sale at the grocery store. OMG I love that stuff so much. I used the original recipe and didn't add any extras like bagel chips or Cheerios (gag), but I did make one inadvertent change to the recipe. I put about three times too much seasoned salt in it because it sort of spilled but I didn't care because I really like that stuff.

What I've learned today is that it really is SALT. I ate a ton of the Chex mix yesterday and now I'm retaining water like a pregnant woman in her tenth month. SO pretty.

Mitch likes to mix a little chocolate in with his Chex mix. I don't know what is wrong with him. I say keep your savory savory and your sweet sweet. There's no need to mix them up.

I think when I make it again, today, after school, I will make sure to put in no more salt than the recipe calls for and I might skip the wheat Chex. They have the regular delicious Chex pattern, but inside is an additional panel of cereal and that tends to soak up the butter and get chewy and then stick to my teeth. Maybe I'll get some Crispix to add in there too. That would be good.

Oh, you don't care about my Chex mix, you say? Well, too bad. I didn't have internet for three days because our service was down. I didn't get to blog or anything and so today while I'm at school I'm taking full advantage of the high speed internet to write about my Chex mix adventures, provide emergency medical care to the fish in my digital aquarium (don't worry, they're fine), and fix up my Facebook farm. Aren't you glad?

I hate not having internet because I have become extremely dependent on it. I had to go to my in-laws the other night to get online to check my work schedule because I never write it down, why would I? It's on the internet! The kid's schedules are on the internet too. How did anyone ever manage without going online to find stuff out? I didn't know where this school where I'm working is and I would usually look it up on Mapquest. I actually had to look in the PHONE BOOK and find a MAP and figure it out myself. And then I got lost on my way here! The internet makes me feel smarter, but I think it's actually making me dumber.


  1. My neighbor made me the best chex mix...she puts combos in hers...love that! Jill and I used to call combos "bone marrow pretzels". Appetizing name, huh? Anyway, she puts so much garlic in her seasoning, that no one else in the house can stand to eat it, so I get it all to myself. YUMMY

    So, this morning, I was walking the dog and actually worked up quite a sweat. Didn't smell like b.o. I smelled like garlic!! Maybe I should stop eating it. At least I don't have to worry about vampires.

  2. p.s. I have to say I'm with Mitch on the chocolate thing. I love M&M's in almost everything. I know. Freak.

  3. Anne! M&Ms and GARLIC?!? That is so very very wrong.

  4. My sister puts so much celery salt and garlic in hers that Andy can smell me from 2 rooms away. He hates Christmas because it means I will be consuming my weight in Chex mix. And PS: the wheat chex are my favorite!! For my birthday, my sister made me an entire batch with ONLY wheat chex.


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