Friday, January 28, 2011


Kira's birthday is on Monday and I don't know what to get her because she is so weird.  I've been asking her for ideas and she usually says, "I don't know," but these are the things she has told me:

1.  A pasta boat

2.  A ride on an "electric bull"

3.  Buckyballs magnetic balls

4.  A brand on her skin.  Like ranchers give to their cows.

 I suppose in humans it's called decorative scarring.  She finds metal things with cool patterns and says she'd like to heat them up and brand herself.

That's it.  I got her the Buckyballs, but I didn't get her a pasta boat because why does a ten year old need a pasta boat?  She thinks it's neat, but she doesn't cook pasta so it would be stupid, not to mention lame, to get her cookware, wouldn't it?  As far as the mechanical bull goes, I think that could be put into the "irresponsible parenting" category.  First of all, the only mechanical bulls I've ever seen are in honky tonk bars (yeah, I've been to a few. What?) and they are pretty wild places, not exactly the place to have a kid's birthday party (but that would be her DREAM) and even if it wasn't in a bar, I don't think a machine that simulates shaken baby syndrome is the best thing for a child.  Even a huge, practically grown child.  Why would she want that?  Why is she so weird?  She got what she wanted for Christmas and she LOVES it:

A wolf mascot costume.  She's wanted it for years and she finally got it.  When asked where on earth she would ever wear something like this, her answer was, "EVERYWHERE!"  She likes it a lot but it's kind of hot so she doesn't wear it as much as she would like to.  She manages to get it on quite a bit though, regardless of the heat factor.

She likes to share the experience and tries to get everyone to try on the head, but people are reluctant because it's beginning to smell like the worst smells of her head.  My mother-in-law said that when she tried it on it smelled like potato-chip-breath.


  1. I wish I'd known about her penchant for Buckyballs. Woot had a two-for-one sale on them not long ago, for some ridiculous price - I think it was $12 + $5 to ship.

    Come to think of it, Woot might be an excellent source of gift ideas for Kira, judging by her eclectic tastes.

    Happy birthday to Kira!

  2. Hmmmm... interesting girl, and totally refreshing from the "I want a PS3!" crowd.

    That costume is so awesome.

  3. I can tell there will never be a dull moment with Kira around!

  4. that last picture is HILARIOUS. like, "don't look now, but there is a giant wolf sitting on the couch next to you..."

  5. So, what's worse...that fact that she wanted a wolf mascot costume or that someone actually bought it for her?? Too funny! She is going to be a fun girl to know when she gets older.

  6. i think i want to be friends with kira.

    when i was in high school, i spotted a giant bunny mascot costume at the thrift store for a measly $50. my mom refused to buy it for me because "where would you wear it??"

    i should show her this post.


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