Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not the best day

I'm feeling really sorry for myself today because I just finished the fourth week of my hyper-vigilant mega-diet and I didn't lose any weight this week.  I've lost two pounds total, which, when you think about it, isn't really anything because a person's weight fluctuates between 2 and 3 pounds every day depending on how successful the morning poop is.  Weight Watchers obviously isn't working for me as it is (maybe it's all the not-counting of butter and candy), so this week I'm going to use an iPod app that I have called Lose it! and see if that works any better.  It's basically just a calorie counter and it's different than WW because it counts everything you put in your mouth, there's none of that zero points for any kind of fruit or vegetable bullshit.  Also I'm forcing myself to drink lots of water.  Apparently that's all the rage with the successful-dieting sect.  Yuck.

I had promised Kira I would take her to the climbing wall today because it's her birthday tomorrow, and I did better than I did when I went climbing with her a month ago, but I still totally suck.  I have absolutely no finger strength and I was so determined to get up those walls, but if one foot slipped, I couldn't catch myself and I'd fall.  Of course, I was harnessed in so I didn't fall fall, but I fell enough to not be able to recover so I made it up about halfway on most of the walls I tried.  Tiny children were climbing past me like gravity really is just a theory and not a fact. And now my arms are sore.  It hurts even to type this.

Then Kira and I met Mitch and Sam downtown at Mitch's office which is right across the street from the climbing place.  He has a bunch of meetings and presentations this week at his office so he's there making sure everything is ship-shape and looks nice.  He was looking at me when I was sitting in there, and I was holding his gaze and thinking to myself, "Oh well, it doesn't matter if I lose 2 pounds a month or ten pounds, he will love me no matter what, right?"

 And then he said, "The lighting isn't very good in here, is it?"


  1. The guy knows how to ruin the moment! Seriously, you are most likely right. A few pounds make no difference to most guys.

  2. Boys always say the wrong thing.

    Unless they want sex.

    Don't you think?

  3. I know this guy, he is awful, just awful!

  4. Poor guys! They are to be pitied!

  5. Sarah, just reduce the amount of sugar you eat and that includes fruit and alcohol, and if you like butter or mayo salad dressing or cream, eat/drink less of it but you don't have to give it up or sub with alleged diet/lo-cal/no-cal. That stuff seems keep it stuck on a bod for some reason that I have no clue about. Do that daily. Exercise a little more (try for daily) and be patient. It takes a little time.


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