Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank you! and random crap

I just wanted to write and say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to our new diet blog, The Chunkersons.  It's a community blog and anyone can post so if you haven't checked it out already, check it out and write something if you want!  As you'll see if you read it, I have not lost any weight yet on my super hyper vigilant diet, and I haven't even cheated (yet).  Maybe cheating is the key.  All I can say is the weight better start dropping off or I'm going to LOSE MY MIND which will at least be losing something. (I wonder how much my mind weighs???)

I went to Sears this morning because I had a gift card (um...thanks?) and let me tell you something, that store is UGLY.  I wandered around for an hour looking for something I didn't hate and eventually found a scarf and some earrings that weren't totally butt ugly.  I saw a shirt there that was made of a really thin material, was perfectly square with arm holes and a neck hole just left open in the sides and top, and had a pocket sewn on the front that took up the lower right quadrant.  And it had horizontal stripes.  Not even the most beautiful supermodel would look good in that shirt.  I should have taken a picture.  I also contemplated getting a down vest but when I tried it on I discovered that the arm holes were somehow too far back or high or something and it had ridiculously huge plastic buttons on it right next to the zipper.  So weird. Sears, you suck.

I just finished reading Jane Eyre.  I LOVE THAT BOOK!  So good.  Now I'm starting The Poisonwood Bible for bookclub at the end of the month.  I better like it.  Or else.

There are some bullying/teasing problems on Kira's hockey team right now and boy does it bring me back! Girls are mean. When I was 12 my family lived in Australia for a year, and when we came back all my former classmates had merged to the middle school along with a couple other elementary schools and I was an easy target for some of the bullies.

I don't know why.  Probably because I was the new kid.  This one girl, I'll call her Bertha, was especially mean to me but she couldn't see under my dorky exterior to the pure font of meanness underneath. She got the message when I and a few of my dorky friends started the "I hate Bertha" club by writing "Join the I Hate Bertha club!" on a piece of notebook paper and then took it around at a high school hockey game and had everyone and their brother sign it, and then left it on her desk on Monday morning.  She went from bully to victim really fast and the thing about the biggest bullies is that they also make the most dramatic victims.  She was SUCH A VICTIM.  But she eventually got over it and we became friendly out of respect for our mutual bullying skills.  At our ten-year reunion one of Bertha's perpetual victims from middle school told me that she still had the notebook paper and she treasured it.  


  1. Some how with the anonymity of social networks, bullying today has taken a much nastier turn than when we were kids.

  2. I think I read somewhere that your brain weighs 5 or 6 pounds or something like that... so it's not worth it to lose your mind. :)

  3. Sears does SUCK! I think that every time I walk past it!

    Ummmm someone is bulling Kira?
    I could fly in, kick some mean girl ass and sneak out of town.....

  4. That's too funny. I've had a gift card from Sears for two years. TWO YEARS. I can't even bring myself to go in there.

    They suck balls.

    Also? Bullying sucks. I can't even condone your bullying.

    Okay, maybe I can. Just because I like you and it turned out okay. Unless Bertha is still in weekly therapy.

  5. it's a bullying kind of month! i actually get to go to the principal's office tomorrow morning to meet with him about the girls messing with my step-daughter. what's weird is how nervous i feel about the whole thing; like i'm going to get in trouble or something. ugh.

  6. The amazing note-writing-bullying skills of your class were once used on my sister Kelly when she was in the library with a group of her friends. Suddenly everybody got up and left. There was a note on the table and so Kelly picked it up, and it said, "Kelly's breath stinks. Let's get out of here!"
    We laugh and she cries about that one to this day.

  7. Oh, Kady that's terrible! I had a really mean class. I feel bad for Kelly retroactively.

  8. Going to check out the new site!

    Sears wants you to do a commercial for them...

  9. Sears appliances and tools top-notch. Clothes not so much, eh?

  10. Also, Poisonwood Bible is super excellent.

    Try hard not to imagine John Lithgow from Footloose as the dad.

  11. I remember the "hate club"... I'm not condoning it, but that girl had it coming.

    Remember Julie Baloney or whatever the hell her real last name was? She came to our school in the 8th grade... I remember she said she was from Beverly Hills but she looked more like Hollywood Blvd. I was terrified of her. 8th grade sucked ass.


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