Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weird and just a tiny bit offensive

I was driving around the other day and I saw one of the weirdest billboards I've ever seen.  Here it is:

What is this even supposed to mean?  I get the other Prolife Across America billboards that say things like "I had fingerprints before Dad even rolled off of you!" and "My heart was beating when God planted me in your womb, so don't even think about abortion, INCUBATOR!" but this one just boggles my mind!

What is the guilty message here?  I don't get it!  "Dad says I'm the CEO of the House?" Huh?  Like you aren't going to even consider aborting a CEO?  CEOs aren't very popular in the current economic climate and you'd think that CEOs would be more likely to be aborted, not less.  Think, Prolife Across America, THINK!

He's the boss of the house even though you do the laundry, the cooking, the shopping, the cleaning, finding everything nobody else will even look for, and ten thousand other things, but because a stupid condom broke all of a sudden he's the CEO?  Because Dad says?  Okay, Fetus, you're the boss!  And why isn't that executive baby wearing a shirt?  Inappropriate!


  1. Yeah, you'd at least think the CEA
    would be sporting a shirt, cuff links and a sport jacket! What's up with that?

  2. "Before Dad rolled off..." What???
    That is wild!!!

  3. Maybe this is actually a clever plan to undercut the *real* pro life movement by making it look incontrovertibly insane. This sign and others like it were probably placed by the Yes Men, or those Boston Aquateen Hunger Force mooninite LED dudes.

  4. i... um.. maybe what they mean is... no, no, that's not it.... oh! i get it they meant... um, no, that's not it either. OH, wait, i know, it's... no. no it isn't.

    maybe they were hoping that people who are pro choice would see the billboard and be so confused that they would put all their attention toward figuring it out and then get in a car crash?

    that is like, the most logical explanation i can come up for that billboard.

  5. There is a sign like this in my neighborhood, but it says. "I could dream 15 weeks after conception" How the fuck do they know that. What load of BS. All I can think of is what the perfect angle would be to shoot the bilboard covering loose.

    Tommy G


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