Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bags of money, baseball, and fecal escapees: Washington DC, Day 1

Today was our first day in DC and it was fun, but I was just a tad bit hung over from my drinking binge from last night to calm my nerves and celebrate not dying and leaving poor Mitch a widower.  When we were about to leave I was running upstairs to grab one more thing and Kira said, "Will you grab my bag of money?"  Here's her bag of money:

It's about 8 pounds of dimes and nickels. 
We started off the day walking to the Metro and going to the Navy Yard.  The Metro was interesting with Kira.  She tried to get on every train she saw, and once we were on, she tried to get off at every stop.  Thank goodness I got her a phone.  Amy and I were joking after about the fourth time I grabbed her collar to keep her from getting on the wrong train, that she'd get on, the doors would shut, she'd see us out the window and then as she is whizzing off to the next station we'd see her open her phone to call us, and say, "Um...where are you guys?" 

We went to the Navy Yard and walked around and then went to the Navy Museum which was interesting.  After the museum we went to a baseball game.  Did you know Washington DC has a baseball team, the "Nationals?"  I didn't either!  We got hotdogs and other junk which is what going to a baseball game is really all about.  Now that I've seen real baseball I have a few beefs with the Wii version, which I'm pretty good at.  It's not the same.  I might not actually be good at baseball.  This was the first pro baseball game Kira ever went to.  I wouldn't call her a fan.  In about the middle of the first inning she said, "Has it started yet?" and then at the end of the first inning she said, "Can we go?"  We said that we were going to stay long enough to sing the song in the seventh inning stretch (which we had all been singing all morning) and Sam said, "What song?"  Not huge baseball fans.  When asked what their favorite part of the game was they both said, "When Teddy Roosevelt body slammed the sausage," which taken out of context sounds INSANE, but that actually happened during the mascot race.  Three sausages were kicking the presidents' asses until Teddy caught up and body slammed one of them and that sort of took the wind out of the other sausages' sails and George Washington won. 

After the game we went to the Mall and walked through the Air and Space museum.  Sam LOVED it.  He wants to go again and spend a whole day.  I think he could probably go there every day and not get tired of it.  He liked the "fecal bags" that the astronauts had to use, complete with two finger sleeves to cut the feces off in a scissor-like motion, and he loved when I told him that "fecal escapees" are a bit of a problem in space. 
You think it looks so easy?  You try it.
It's true.  I read it in the book Packing for Mars by Mary Roach.  It's hard to poop in zero gravity.  "Fecal escapee" is Sam's new favorite phrase. 

Then we came home and made pizza and sat around and watched TV.


  1. Wait, why do you have to cut the poop in a scissor like motion?

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I am a big baseball fan...the Boston Red Sox. But they aren't doing that well so far this year. I also love Basketball...Boston Celtics...They are in the playoffs right now and just beat the NY Knicks last night.

  3. And now fecal escapees will forever be burned into my brain.

    Sounds like you had a great day. Glad you had the bag of money.

  4. Well who knew that taking a poo in space was so involved........and the fact that it can escape...!!!
    I could so have fun with that......

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