Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cool Blogger

Okay you guys, you got me.  I'm a weirdo.  I admit it.  I thought I would open up to you and tell you a vulnerable truth and then we could have a beautiful moment opening up about the strange things we do, and become best friends, but apparently I'm the only one in the world (who reads this blog, there's probably lots of people who don't read at all that are a lot like me.)  that pretends weeds are drug dealers and pizza-opening is a c-section. Even Jenny the Bloggess said that my pizza fantasy is crazy.  I thought if anyone would understand me she would, but apparently not.  Okay, fair enough!  I over-shared and now I see I'm going to have some trouble getting my "cool blogger" reputation back.   That's fine.  I have all the time in the world to try to convince you that I'm cool.

That all being said, the person who is giving me the hardest time about this whole weeding/drug dealer thing, (Kira) was watching me spray Roundup on the driveway weeds yesterday and she said in her smart-alec way, "So, is that your 'gun' that you use to 'shoot' the 'drug dealers'?"  (Honestly that never crossed my mind, but now it totally is my gun!)  (Oh crap, forget I said that. I'm cool.)  I said, "Yeah, I guess it is!  Freeze, Turkey!" shoot shoot shoot   Kira shook her head and rolled her eyes and looked at me with the disgusted pitying look she is perfecting.  After a while she said, ".....can I try it?"  So HA!  Validation!  And I bet she isn't the only one who will be fighting the war on drugs (weeds) on the mean streets (gardens) in the near future!  YOU'RE WELCOME!

"So tell me punk, do you feel lucky?"


  1. Oh dear, now your leading Kira astray!

  2. I don't do anything like that but it seems completely normal to me that someone else would do that. It seems totally "cool".

  3. Well the night I read this post I delivered a healthy (but small) pepperoni pizza. Yeah, so I guess I'm a weirdo now thanks to you. Haha!

  4. I am weeding this weekend.......I'll give it a try......


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