Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sam and Grandpa

Sam finished eighth grade last week.  The day after school let out he went up north to my parents' house to help my dad out with some yard chores.  I am so glad he is able to do this because some of my best childhood memories are spending time at my grandparent's house in the summer.  My grandma spoiled me ROTTEN.  I got whatever I wanted.  She got me Lee Press-On nails, she let me drink coffee every morning, we had root beer floats every night, and I saw her bawl-out a nurse who was not-quite nice enough to me at the clinic once.  It was great.  So I'm glad Sam can go somewhere that people will spoil him because I certainly don't.  They are having a great time together, but when Sam calls me, I get a little concerned.

Me:  Hi!  Are you having fun?
Sam:  Oh yeah!  I drove 17 miles today!
Me:  What?  Drove?  Drove what?
Sam:  Grandpa's truck!  
Me:  Where did you drive?  
Sam:  On the road!  Grandpa said that before I leave I can drive 100 miles.
Me:  You are fourteen.
Sam:  Grandpa says I'm a good driver. 

Sam:  Today Grandpa took me shooting.
Me:  Shooting?
Sam:  Yeah
Me:  Shooting a gun?
Sam: Yeah!  What else would you shoot?
Me:  Oh.
Sam:  We had a quick draw contest.
Me:  ....... You had a what?
Sam:  Quick draw, you know, to see who could unload their gun at the target the fastest.  Grandpa won because my gun jammed.  He shot all his bullets before I could even shoot once!
Me:  Oh Jesus.

After all that, I'm half-expecting to hear how much fun they had while bull riding, or going over a water fall in a barrel, or swimming with sharks.  Oh wait a minute, they've already done that one:


  1. What the hell?? Your son swam with sharks? Awesome.

  2. AWESOME!!
    Grandparents are the best!!!

    My Gram use to let me stay up late and watch Star Trek!!!

  3. What's really weird is dad still has that shirt. hhhmmmm

  4. Yeah Anne, they went swimming with sharks in Hawaii. My sweet sweet baby in a shark cage.

    Jane, Grandparents are the best!

    Mom, time to go to Goodwill!


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