Wednesday, June 15, 2011

(Clever Title)

Okay, I'm a little embarrassed about being such a Debbie Downer in my last post (you're right, Jane)  Wa wa for me, healthy, normal kids, boo hoo.  I know, I know.  I'm just a little depressed.  Post-partum lasts a LONG time.  And no, Anne, not in a million years would I (purposely) get pregnant again.  I was nuts during pregnancy.  And you know what nobody ever tells you about having babies?  After you pop that kid out you lose TONS of hair.  I lost my bangs.  Like, all of my bangs.  I had to comb hair from my crown to cover the fuzzy bald patches.  I looked like Jane Pauley for years after having both my kids.  I can't pull off that look anymore. 

I could take my sister's baby.  In fact, just today she told me that if she dies I can choose which one of her girls I get.  My other sister gets the one I don't pick.  They are both pretty good.  Watch your back, Beth. 

On second thought, Beth, try to hang on until they are out of diapers, ok?

So what have I been doing to ward off the post-partum depression?  I've been making terrariums! 


Many, many mini terrariums

My dad thinks I need a job.  I think I need more terrariums.

BTW, thank you so much to Yandie at Inspiriation strikes.  In the Kneecaps. for the mention on her blog today.  For the record, my pre-teen infatuations were with Doctor Bricker from the Love Boat,

and Trapper John M.D.

And it really wasn't fair that all the Tiger Beat magazines were full of Leif Garret and Simon LeBon and NOT ONE had a spread on Pernell Roberts or Bernie Kopell!  It was BULLSHIT!


  1. Love your terrariums! If it helps, keep at it! Hang in there, it will get better, I promise.

  2. Oh..I agree with you on the nuts thing..I was a little off the wall, too, and it continues now! They don't tell you THAT either! Jaci is losing her hair after having her son 5 months ago, and I've yet to lose mine..thank GOD! I can't afford to lose any of it!

    The terrariums are great..good for cat owners who have bastard cats like my Virgil, who has yet to meet a plant that he WON'T eat. I might have to make some...

    Yeah, I hear Dr Bricker...I had a thing for Sam Elliot..he played that biker in Mask(with Cher)...lordy...he was frigging hot...and still is..Leif Garret was a douche...never got him...

  3. Lord you need help all the way around.......the terrariums are scaring me but the pre teen!!
    Dr. Bricker.....really......


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