Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Summer Day

Today I woke up to a beautiful day and I was feeling good.  No vertigo!  Yay!  The kids and I went to Lester Park to play in the river for the afternoon.

The Lester river runs behind our house and today we drove closer to the mouth of the river to see the waterfalls and swim in the pools.  The picture above is Kira jumping off the rocks into the waterfall pool.  She jumped from higher than this too but I was too scared to take a picture because no mother wants photographic evidence of her baby getting seriously injured "... And this is the picture of the exact moment Kira broke both her legs and knocked out all her front teeth"; but I should have because I have never seen a happier face on a person in my life.  Oh, and no broken legs or teeth.  

She's a daredevil.  Sam and I thought she was nuts.  After that we moved down the river to a quieter spot and  discovered hundreds and hundreds of crayfish.  They were all over the place.  I told the kids that I want to take a camp stove down there and have a crayfish boil.  They think that sounds gross.  

This little guy, and about 40 others just like him kept crawling up to my feet that were soaking in the water.  

Sam caught this teeny guy and put it in Kira's goggles.  Cute huh?
The kids walking down the river.
Kira climbed up this rock and when she got to the top she said, "It's too hot!  It's too hot!
So Sam splashed water on her until she could get down.  What a guy!
It was a great day!  I love Duluth!


  1. Looks like fun, as well as cool and refreshing!

  2. Kira on the rock....similar to Sid on the deck at Mom and Dad's-after I TOLD her it was too hot to walk on with barefeet, she followed me up there and then stood in one spot and and said, "HOT, HOT!! PICK ME UP!! PICK ME UUUUUPPPP!!!!!" So I ran over and picked her up and was walking her down to cool her feet off in her little pool and she said, "Whew! That was thhhcary!!" SO CUTE.

  3. Now that's a new place for me to check out next time I do a Duluth trip. I'll have to ask you for directions and to meet us there.

  4. Now that is the kind of place I would like to be right now! I love a river with rocks.

  5. Great pictures! Makes me a little sad...I miss Duluth. That was just a block from my house, depending on how far up the river you were. We took Kenai for walks and to swim there all the time! Can I come live with you for the rest of summer? :) Jill

  6. Eva: It was fun!

    Amy: Sounds like Auntie Amy didn't rock that day.

    Anne: Name the day and we'll meet you there!

    MOTPG: It was so beautiful!

    Jill: I can understand how you would miss Duluth. I LOVE living here!


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