Friday, July 29, 2011


I came home yesterday and Mitch lured me into the garage to show me something and this was in there.  

It's a girl's bike so I don't have to constantly worry about crushing my crotch on the frame; it's black which totally conveys how cool and mysterious I am, but has pink accents to also convey my sweet feminine side.

Just look at this wheel.  This is the part I love the most.  Pink rims and big whitewall tires.  SO nice looking, don't you think?  Sam and I went on a long ride yesterday and I went through patches of gravel.  Did I skid?  Did I slide AT ALL?  No!  My tires are awesome.  And the fenders kept the little tiny rocks from hitting me in the back because I.  Was.  Flying.

And here's the best part, a wide, cushy, comfortable seat.  On my ride yesterday I saw lots of people on racing bikes and I could tell by their pinched faces that they were dying from having their tiny seats shoved up their bike-short wearing butts.  Not me!

My husband is the best.  He totally gets me.  Thanks, Mitch.


  1. Wow! What a great gift! Your hubby is definitely a keeper!

  2. Dude, over here in Germany, you see that style of bike all the time! Get yourself some streamers for the handles and a kick ass basket for the back and you're all set! Nice work, Mitch!

  3. Dana McKibbage WaldbilligJuly 29, 2011 at 1:11 PM

    Oh my god, yes, a basket. You NEED a basket!
    Mitch, you rock.

  4. Love it. Make sure if you ever crash bad, and someb ody sees it, to say "I meant to do that."

  5. Was what's left of your hair and your eyebrows blowing in the wind??

  6. Eva: he is a keeper!

    Stacie: I've been looking at streamers online! What do you think, pink or black?

    Dana: Oh, the baskets to choose from. I want one on the front big enough to carry my dog. Just kidding. My neighbors have a Jack Russell. Big enough to carry her.

    Kady: I hope I never fall because if I do that will probably be the end of the bike riding. Not a big fan of pain or adversity.

    Jane: Nobody said anything about hair blowing in the wind. As Kira would say, Don't rub it in! And my eyebrows are still glorious.

  7. Love the black and pink combo! Enjoy!

  8. Definitely pink streamers. With a little silver thrown in for some sparkle.

  9. This is awesome bike! I is jealous.

  10. SOOOOOOOOOO Jealous! Emphasis on the extra O's! That bike kicks ass! Mitch is to be hugged loads for this!

  11. Ok..I posted a reply to this before, but apparently it didnt' show up. Go for Pink and Black combo...silver will do if you can't get the combo. You don't really want all pink so as to not detract from the cool wheels and pink detailing around the seat and grips.

    How many miles have you logged on this bitch so far? So jealous.

  12. Well we haven't heard from you since must still be riding....... you need a hot pink helmet to go with your bike!!!


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