Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vertigo and Tim the Snake

Have you ever had vertigo?  I'm having it again.  I woke up, took a shower, said to myself,  "Huh, I feel a little dizzy," and then threw up for about ten minutes which seemed like three hours.  Another example of intelligent design being such a STUPID theory is vertigo.  I'm not sick, I've got gunk in my dainty inner ear passages which inhibits the tiny cilia from flowing around like little feathers and telling my brain where it is in space.  My eyes see that I'm walking around, or bending over, or drying my hair, but the cilia are telling my brain, "Nope.  Sorry.  Eyes must be wrong.  We're still lying down."  And the brain's reaction to the conflicting messages is "THROW UP IMMEDIATELY AND DON'T STOP AT ALL." So that is why I was out on my deck in a towel dry heaving this morning, okay neighbors?  I managed to get a scopolamine patch on and took some Sudafed and then I laid on the couch and didn't move my head a millimeter for two hours.  The patch kicked in.  I looked up scopolamine on the internet tonight and it's pretty serious stuff.  It used to be used for mothers in labor to put them into a "twilight sleep" that didn't eliminate any pain, but worked to cause amnesia effects so the mom wouldn't remember the pain.  So I might never remember writing this.  It's also used as a depressant.  If you know me you know I don't need any depressants.  I could sleep 15 hours a day without any help at all.  It doesn't really help the dizziness, but it totally eliminates the nausea which, if you hate throwing up like I do (and who doesn't?!) is a miracle.  I have to go to bed now, but I'm afraid I will wake up in the same condition tomorrow, so I'm avoiding it.

Also, Sam found a snake in the yard.  It's a tiny Red-Bellied snake and Sam named it Tim.  I love him.  I'm going to decorate his terrarium tomorrow.



  1. You're a good Mommy; I could fall in love with a snake!

  2. Just reading this makes me feel awful. So weird yet special that we shared a day of vertigo together. Mine is better today, although it's still there. Going to the dr in an hour so he can tell me exactly the same thing that you wrote here.

    Hey, ask your doc for some Zofran. Corine had some left over from when she was sick on Mem. day... they give it to cancer pat's to control nausea. I took some last night and it was all good after that.

  3. My cat is named Tim.

    If you shaved the inside of your ear would that help?

  4. I get that kind of vertigo too, it sucks royally.

    Sometimes moving my head slowly in the direction that makes it worse and then slowly in the opposite direction makes it better, but it's hard to force myself to do it.

    I saw an ad once in Cananda for treatment of benign positional vertigo. It's basically a baseball hat with tubes with balls in them that, when manipulated by moving your head, it's supposed to make the vertigo go away.

    If all that fails, just drink heavily. If the room is gonna spin, you might as well be drunk!


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