Monday, August 1, 2011

The Fair

Hi!  Sorry I've been away, but I was out ridin' my bike.  Not the whole time of course.  I went to a county fair for a while and saw two of my favorite things:  The 4H barn and baby animals.  I love the 4H barn because kids can enter ANYTHING and compete with someone else for it, and if it's obscure enough that nobody else entered anything, you win!  There's no, "Oh, nobody else entered anything like that so there's no competition, sorry kid!"  If some kid wants to enter his noodle version of the Millennium Falcon; done.  It's on display in the 4H barn.  The later in the summer the fair is, the better the 4H barn.  Boredom makes for some crazy projects.  I've tried to get Kira to enter some of her art into a fair but they don't have a category called, "half-assed stuff you made in two minutes from garbage you found on the counter."

like this
or this

or especially this
I also love the animal barns at fairs.  There weren't a lot of chickens at this one, but I saw more than my fair share of goats.  There is a new breed of goat on the scene (new to me, anyway) called Lamanche goats and they have no big floppy ears.  It looks like someone ripped their ears off and they look ugly and pathetic until you realize that they are supposed to look like that. And then they just look ugly.

Oh don't bother with the fancy pose.  You don't look nice.
We also saw some baby pygmy goats, better known (to me) as "house goats."

Look what Mitch won't let me get.
Mitch still says no to inviting one into our family and loving it like a child.  I've tried to explain to him how I need to hear the clippity clop of little hooves on the kitchen floor but he isn't fazed.  There is nothing I would love more than taking a bike ride with my mini-goat in the basket.  I hear they can be litter trained, and everyone knows that all goats eat are cans so how could I go wrong?  Could there be a better pet???


  1. I'll admit, he's pretty darn cute!

  2. If you got enough of them, Mitch wouldn't have to mow the yard!

  3. Goats won't actually mow the lawn for you. That's a myth. Goats don't eat grass, they eat thistles.


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