Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our weekend and Beth's hidden talents

The kids spent the weekend with their grandparents at the cabin on Rainy Lake.  One day they went to a souvenir shop to buy t-shirts and they were each told to pick their favorite.  Sam casually pointed out to Kira a shirt that said, "I froze my pecker off at Rainy Lake" and it had a picture of a cute bird on it.  Kira loves birds so she wanted it.  My MIL said it was inappropriate and Kira had no idea why.  MIL had to explain the double meaning of pecker to her. She's all grown up now!

My two-year-old niece, Sid, hung out with me all weekend.  She is a riot.  When I was fixing her hair one morning she was staring at herself in the mirror with her finger up her nose.  I said, "Get your finger out of your nose," and she said, "Oh, it's okay, I'm just picking the boogers out."  She also sings a song of nonsense words all the time.  Like, "Oo ah, bee, dang, pleh, pleng...." and on and on and on while she mimes snapping her fingers.  I could NOT get Beth to tell me what this is about but I have a sneaking suspicion Beth is just trying to hide her own weirdness.  Why do I think this?  I'll tell you the history...

One time back in high school my sister Amy came across a home-made cassette tape and didn't know what was on it so she played it.  It was Beth belting out the Cher song "If I Could Turn Back Time" but she changed the lyrics to, "If I could turn back time, I'd give it all to Chri-is!"  Apparently she had a crush on someone named Chris.

Fast forward about six or seven years:  Amy and I were over at Beth's house for dinner.  We were looking at stuff on her computer while she cooked and we saw a home-made sound file on her desktop so we played it.  Remember the hamster song that was so popular in the nineties?  It was almost exactly like that but sooooo much longer and more complex.  It even had a bridge where she said, "Oo ah ah ah Oo ah ah ah" for a long time.  Amy and I were literally speechless and couldn't believe what we had found and we laughed so hard we thought we might have to go to the hospital.  It was amazing.  Beth has hidden talents.

So that is why I think Beth walks around her house singing some wonderful nonsense song that she has made up and Sid is just copying her.  I don't know why she won't share it.  She could bring so much joy to the world.  I might have to put some microphones in Beth's house and steal the joy.


  1. That's too funny! My grandson when he was just about 3 would sing "Mud on your face, a big disgrace, duh, duh, duh,all over the place! We will, we will Rock you!"

  2. thank. you. so. much. for. this.
    I would pay $100 to listen to either of Beth's recordings.

  3. I think lots of people would pay money to hear Beth's hamster song. She said it's long gone but she's pretty sure she could make a new one easy enough.

    Beth, how much would it cost to get you to make a new one?

  4. One of your funniest posts yet!!

  5. Dana McKibbage WaldbilligAugust 30, 2011 at 11:26 PM

    Yes, steal the joy...

  6. You forgot to tell everyone that Sid ALSO calls you "Other Auntie Amy"....which I think puts to rest who is her favorite. :)

  7. Dear Sarah,
    What is wrong with you!? Everyone knows if you are poking around on someone's computer and you find stuff like that you are to IMMEDIATELY email it to yourself. Part of me is seriously disappointed in you. You made up for it partially by telling us though.

  8. Angie, it was the days of dial-up and emailing it to myself would have taken the better part of the day.

    I wish SO MUCH that I had it now. Some days, when I'm out on the ledge, listening to that would make everything better. I have to settle for the hamster dance song instead and it is SO INFERIOR.