Friday, November 4, 2011

Beth's Help

Amy and Beth and I were determined to get some good pictures of ourselves while we were on our trip.  We are constantly taking pictures, but they are usually of our kids who don't really take bad pictures.  Beth was a bit stunned by my total inability to take a good picture, which led me to record some Bethisms (thanks for the idea Kady and Summer) so she thought she'd help me out by snapping candids of me when I wasn't expecting it, thinking that maybe if I didn't know a camera was pointing at me, she could capture the real me.  These are some of the shots she got.

Walking the streets of Annapolis:

On the train to NYC:

And then: Finally!  A half-way decent one!
(That's me on the left)
Bethisms from our trip:

"Amy, you re-ran over that squirrel"

"If I took my kids on a plane, I'd drug them."

"The new cool will be having LESS Facebook friends!"

"What are you doing with your face?"  said everytime she looked at a picture snapped of me.

Thanks, Beth!


  1. I don't photograph well, either. The camera adds at least 100 pounds. I just know I'm not that fat!

  2. Lol to Eva. My camera adds at least 100 too.

  3. How do you do it??
    Again, it really is a rare gift!


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