Sunday, November 13, 2011

I love the internet

Isn't the internet wonderful?  It has made my life so much richer in so many ways, but none quite like this:

These are postcards sent to me by fellow-blogger Kady at A Lady Reveals Nothing.  She found a website called Postcardly that makes postcards from pictures you download and sends them to the people you tell it to.  Nothing is quite as delightful as being surprised by a postcard made from a horrible picture and sent to you via snail mail, which is a novelty these days.  Kady had a comment contest (or something, I can't really remember because I didn't win the big prize) but if you commented on one of her posts, she would send you a postcard of herself.  I requested the bikini pic and on the back she wrote:
If it's bikini you want, then it's bikini you'll get (Lesbo.)  Thanks for reading my stupid blog.  I read your stupid blog too.  Every single post.  Which means you sort of owe me a 'bikini in a waterfall' photo."
 I cracked up when I got my postcard and it has been on my fridge ever since.  Recently Kady got a new iPhone that she uses mostly to tell Siri she pooped her pants, but also to take pictures of herself using the Fatbooth app.  I love her fat pics so much and I said something about how I would like a postcard of her fat face so she sent me one!  Wow!  What a treat!  Seeing her fat face in my mailbox made my whole week! Thanks Kady!  And you will NEVER get a picture of me in a bikini.  Sorry!


  1. Being blessed with comedically large cheeks makes all of my pictures look like they've gone through the FatBooth.

  2. i love making friends on the internet.

  3. Never underestimate the power of the telephoto lens.

  4. Hmmmm...I would sell a certain bikini pic for the right price....just kidding Sarah! :) Jill


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