Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kira's Dreams

Kira's friend texted her and told her that she (the friend) was going to church camp and they were supposed to make a poster with the theme "Follow Your Dreams."  Kira's friend said she didn't have any ideas about how to start or what to put so she asked Kira for some input.  Kira told me about it and she started drawing.  I was interested in seeing what she was making for her Dreams poster because she is 13 and doesn't really talk to me all that much about what is going on in her head.  She's too cool.  She suddenly has a private life that she doesn't want me to know about.  I thought this poster would be a good tool of communication for the two of us.  I could see what her hopes and dreams are and maybe even help her achieve those dreams.

She was busy drawing but wouldn't let me see what was on her paper.  I thought maybe she wouldn't let me in to see her dreams and I was a little sad.  As she was drawing, she seemed pretty happy with her work and thought her friend would really like it.

Finally she said, "Well, do you want to see it?"  I had to act all casual, like I didn't care whether she let me see it or not.  I said, "Sure, I guess," and sauntered over and saw this:

It's an otter sitting on a table, wearing a cape, in front of a fan which is blowing on him making the cape flap.  I said, "How does this fit with the theme 'Follow Your Dreams'?"  She said, "Well,... it's not my dream, but I bet it's the otter's dream."  

And then she laughed.

She sent it to her friend and the friend said, "Funny, but not really the point," which Kira thought was really funny.

So what insights have I learned about my teenager?  She's incredible strange, likes to entertain her friends, and has overwhelming empathy for otters who wish they could fly.


  1. Your daughter sounds wonderful. If I had a daughter I would want her to also have empathy for animals that want to fly - but not otters. Otters are very conniving and if they had the ability to fly, I am quite sure they would become the ruling class.

    1. Agreed! They would be way worse if they could fly.


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