Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Child Abuse Entertainment

I've been seeing ads for the new movie based on the book Where The Wild Things Are.

I am willing to bet my life savings (yeah, I know, ha ha) that in twenty years, this is going to be the movie adults will remember as the freakiest movie they will have ever seen in their entire lives and they will be asking themselves "Why why WHY the HELL did my parents take me to see that horrifying movie?" It will be the equivalent of what H.R. Puffinstuff and the Banana Splits were to my generation. When I see the ads for this new movie it brings back my H.R. Puffinstuff PTSD and I have heart palpitations and want to cover my head and cry.

.... Jesus Christ



  1. The pernicious influence of the Banana Splits extended even unto my own generation. "Tra la la, la la-la la, tra la la, la la-la la," etc. (Shudder, shudder)

  2. My family went to ET: he ran fast and was scary in the beginning, but dammit we paid for those tickets and we weren't going anywhere, so I sat on my dad's lap with my face in his neck and plugged my ears and cried the whole rest of the movie. Scared of ET to this day. He really can run fast. I mean serious fast, no one would have a chance, not even Flo Jo.

  3. ps: it was probably dollar night, and my mom made our popcorn and we brought it in brown bags in our pockets.


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