Friday, October 9, 2009

The More You Know

Today I learned (from a source that shall remain nameless lest she (or he!) be embarrassed that I'm telling her (or his!) deep dark secret) how to fart and frame someone else for your fart.

First, in order not to let anyone know you're doing the farting, you have to drop your pencil on the floor, and while you are bending over to pick it up, spread out your butt hocks in order to make your fart silent.

Then, if it is silent but deadly, (as it always seems to be with my source) blame it on a person you don't particularly like sitting in a desk near you. Make a big deal over it so they get really embarrassed.


  1. My GOD! That's BRILLIANT! But now I have a dilemma: I can't cope with the fact that such a flatulatory mastermind walks unseen and unidentified among us; free to spread her (or his) evil unimpeded.
    That trick with the butt hocks is pure genius. It's a beautiful, over the top twist on the '(s)he who smelt it dealt it' ploy. This is so subtle it might even work in a room with only two people.

  2. She (or he) is a farting ventriloquist.

  3. The butt hocks comment kinda gives your secret away...Or did yo do that on purpose to throw everyone off? You're so smart!

  4. Anne....I was thinking the same thing! Sarah is just that clever though.... :)


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