Saturday, October 3, 2009

The joke is on her (what does that even mean?)

I took this picture last night on my way to bed. Kira went to bed fully dressed, threw a robe on, put a sleep mask on, and covered herself with a skimpy blanket all because I insist she make her bed every day before she does anything fun. The joke's on me!

"Big deal!" you say. Well, it is kind of a big deal because being the never-plan-ahead, incredibly stupid person that I am, I forgot to order heating oil this fall so the house is freezing. (shut up, September was really nice and warm, how was I to know that it would stop being nice and warm?) HA! The joke is on HER!

Kira woke up this morning cold and tired and consequently, incredibly crabby. The joke is back on me again.

Today I'm going to wash sheets so she is going to have to unmake her bed. The joke is back on her.

This joke isn't very funny anymore.

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