Monday, October 19, 2009

I love you, Cloud Dancing

Last night I was watching disk 16 of 42 of my complete set of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and one of the series regulars, Cloud Dancing, a Cherokee medicine man and also a good friend of Dr. Quinn and Sully, was on the show. That reminded me of a funny story from a different episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and I related it to Mitch:

Me: I love Cloud Dancing.

Mitch: Oh?

Me: Yeah, a few episodes back he and Dr. Quinn and Sully went to Washington DC to testify before congress about the treatment of the Indians,

Mitch: ..... okay...

Me: And when they were checking in to their fancy schmancy hotel, -only the best for Dr. Quinn- the hotel clerk saw Cloud Dancing and told Sully to tell his friend; NO COOK IN ROOM! and Cloud Dancing said, "Tell him that if the room service is good, I will not have to cook." Ha ha! That crazy Cloud Dancing, gotta love him....

Mitch: (silence)

Me: (smiling and nodding; pleased with my funny anecdote about Cloud Dancing)

Mitch: (getting the saddest look of pity I have ever seen on a human and directing it at ME!)

Me: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Mitch: Like what? I'm not looking at you like anything!

Me: Yes you are. You are looking at me like you feel sorry for me.

Mitch: No I'm not! I'm just listening to your wonderful story! Please, go on!

Me: No, forget it.

Just for the record; Cloud Dancing is a great character and the actor, Larry Sellers, is a great actor. Nobody needs to feel sorry for me about that.

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