Sunday, May 22, 2011

I've got the post-rapture blahs

Okay, we made it to May 22 and nobody got sucked up into the sky, and there was no, grave-opening earthquakes.  I didn't really think it was going to happen, but I thought some crazy people might do something stupid like have a mass suicide/murder party or something and that stuff really creeps me out because it reminds me of how truly nuts some people are, and you know that you must run in to those people at the grocery store, or when you get gas or something, and who knows if you are going to happen to be in the same place as one of them when they completely flip their lid?  I stayed home yesterday and read my book just in case.  The only concession I gave to the rapture was that I ate whatever I wanted for about three days because if the rapture is going to happen, how pissed would I be if I spent the last days eating oatmeal and carrot sticks? Pretty pissed.  So I had some pita chips and pizza and a candy bar.  Big whoop.  Now I have to get back on the old health wagon which, when I'm in the groove makes me happy and feel good, but when I'm not in the groove, like right now, it makes me wish the rapture would have happened.

I also have to clean the basement, which is another reason I wish the rapture would have happened.  It's a dump, but I have to do it because the next end-of-times scare isn't until October, and I can't wait that long to vacuum up old popcorn seeds and bird feathers.

Or can I?


  1. I never thought of using the rapture as an excuse to eat everything. Bummer.

  2. DBS, I'm Kind of proud that I did. The rapture is a handy excuse for lots of things. I'm thinking of calling in "raptured" to work this week, but nobody would believe it.

  3. I ate 4 Tootsie pops just in case!

  4. I know.

    I put off cleaning the bathrooms, b/c I thought 'well..the rapture is in 4 hours..."


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