Sunday, May 15, 2011

Summer Camp pictures, etc.

Last year I wrote a post about going to summer camp and told you all about how I went to horse camp when I was fourteen with my friend Susie.  I wanted to include a picture of myself with my horse, Tomahawk, my extremely high-waisted jeans, and my mullet, but I couldn't find it so I just put up this picture

of my sisters, Amy and Beth, for a place holder because I was pretty sure Beth had the picture of the horse and me and I wanted her to send it to me.

Turns out she didn't have the picture.  Sorry, Beth!  It was in a box at my parents house and I found it, so after waiting for almost a year for the most embarrassing picture of me in the entire world, IT'S FINALLY HERE!  Aren't you excited?  Actually, it's not that bad.  Looking at it through my forty year old eyes, I think I look kind of cute and nerdy.  When I was a teenager, however, knowing those picture and negatives were out there in the world was mortifying to me, much like Dr. Laura must have felt for the years and years of being a conservative, judgmental harpy on the radio, all the time knowing there were nude photos of her on the internet.  And not classy nudes either, beaver-shot nudes.  Gross, Dr. Laura!  Okay, here it is:

See, not so bad.  Kind of cute, right?  You can clearly see what an asshole Tomahawk was, can't you?  There are more:


Oh geez!  This isn't from horse camp!  This is marching band!  But still, incredibly embarrassing for me in my high school years when I was trying to be cool and pretend these days never happened.  My friend Susie is standing behind me and she was mortified when my dad came running into the band with his camera to take a picture of us.  She was yelling, "NO!  NO!  DON'T DO IT!  GET AWAY!"  and when she saw he couldn't be discouraged she just casually looked away when he snapped the picture.  I was smiling about her tantrum, and so was the girl behind her.  

Amy, are you laughing?  Beth?  Laughing?  Well, you better stop because when I was looking through the pictures I discovered that the picture from the top of the post was taken as a part of a series, in what you might call  an amateur photoshoot of the two of you in those costumes.  Enjoy:

I imagine it all started with this photo of Beth.  My parents took the obligatory photo of her in her costume, in front of the fern and thought she looked cute.  So they took another one:

They said, "One more" and this time, she put her hands on her hips and posed and they knew they were on to something.  They said, "Amy, get in there.  Let's get a picture of the two of you together."

"Good, good!" said my parents as they laughed, thinking to themselves that these pictures, although adorable, would probably haunt my sisters for the rest of their lives.  So they took more...

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for taking these pictures.  I can't tell you how happy they  make me.  

I love having a blog.


  1. God, I'd give anything to have that bod again!!!

  2. At first I thought the fern was feathers, like some big Vegas, Scottish, Ice Skating ensemble!!

    How did I miss beav shots of Doc Laura.........? I had no idea!

  3. I love seeing these old photos!!
    They tell a great story...


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