Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Keyword analysis? Did you know about this?

I was looking at my stat page and I guess I never really explored this service in a very in depth way before because today I discovered that I can find out what people typed in to Google or some other search engine to get directed to my blog.  Wow, put a picture of Angelina Jolie on your blog and people will find it.  I guess she's kind of popular, or something?  Anyway, strangely enough, the most searches were for a movie review I wrote on the movie The Rite. People are still searching for information for this mediocre movie that came out months and months ago.  Get over it, people.  Here are some of the things people have recently typed in to Google to get to my blog:

Boobs and glasses
Dog + bag of money
ativan shut up juice
What is a chicken swap?
gigantic vagina
choke and puke

God, people are weird.


  1. People are weird! But that analysis is awesome! I love the ativan shut up juice :) People are still coming to blog to find out about some spammer that sent an email to my work address. I originally had the nam he used in it, then took it out, but it still shows up for them when they search it. Crazy!

  2. My keywords seems to be perpetually boring, except last week someone found my blog by googling 'crotch touching' which is my personal favorite to date.

  3. Oh that's too funny. I guess I should check what people are googling to find me!

  4. Dana McKibbage WaldbilligMay 5, 2011 at 8:05 AM

    Kind of like when you typed "broman's poop chart"... they're in our heads, man!!!

  5. I think you should do a post titled Ativan Shut Up Juice and maybe start a band with that name, or even have it copyrighted! I love it!

  6. I am laughing so hard at these! HOw the hell do you find out what people are googling to find you? Thats a neat trick. On that note ... I will never admit what I googled to find this blog! Ha!

  7. Dani and Yandi: I just figured out this whole keyword analysis thing. Pretty cool, I must say. Most of mine were boring too. These were the highlights.

    Eva: Find out, and do a post about it. I bet you'll find some funny stuff!

    Dana: Google is a GENIUS. I love when I typed in "broman's poop chart" that it said to me in snotty italics, "Did you mean 'Bristol Stool Scale (dummy)?"

    Tumbleweed. I agree, Ativan Shut Up Juice is an awesome title. I am thinking of changing the title of the blog to that.

    Chai Town, I already know what you googled to find this blog; Gigantic Vagina. JUST KIDDING! She didn't really! But I do know what she googled, or rather WHO she googled to find this blog! ;)

  8. I'm always on the look out for information on GIGANTIC VAGINAS!

    I sort of love that you know what/who I googled to find this blog. I will never forget the sheer joy I felt when I read that entry. (seriously --- tears rolling down my cheeks) Nor will I ever forget how much fun our group of friends had reading that post outloud over margaritas one night.

    You are a gem.

  9. I have a link to your blog, but from now on, I am definitely googling "Ativan shup up juice" to get to it. Just!

  10. Can I borrow a cup of ativan shut up juice? I know a few people who need it.

  11. Chai Town: I'm glad you enjoyed that entry. I imagine Mr. Stinky left a trail of broken teenage hearts wherever he went and now all those teens are in their 40s laughing and saying to themselves, "What was I thinking?" After that post he facebook friended me and told me he thought it was funny, but then he facebook dumped me. LOL

  12. Hysterical. You may or may not have realized that I live in the same teeny-tiny mountain town as good ol' Mr. Mildew. When I found your blog I forwarded him the link & proceeded to call him Bucky for at least a week. And, like you, have been Facebook dumped by him. However, in my case, it is because I am a terrible matchmaker. After last summer's attempt at pairing together two people I "just knew" would be great together, I have found myself with a girlfriend who still holds a grudge & ... well, one less FB friend. Ha. One thing I will agree with you on, though, is that he is one funny SOB. Heh.


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