Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mitch Provides Captions for my Childhood

I recently took some pictures of when my sisters and I were little from my parents house.  Mitch was looking through them the other day, giving each a title based on what he thinks is their main theme and then yelling it.  This one he titled SOCKS!:

This picture was taken at a zoo in Hawaii when we were taking a trip to Australia.  Obviously my mom picked out our clothes because I don't think all three of us would coordinate our knee-high socks.  But looking closer, we were all also wearing our little plastic wings that we got on our flight to Hawaii, and I can't imagine my mom insisted we all wear wings, so maybe we did coordinate our socks when we were coordinating our wings.  "Hey!  I think today we should all wear our wing pins!  And really long socks!  And shorts!"  Also, I was twelve.  A middle school kid.  And I was wearing wings, tall socks and enormous glasses.  It's a good thing I was 6000 miles from school or I probably would have been punched.

Mitch calls this one "I'M DAINTY!"

And if you don't agree she's dainty, so help her, she will punch you in the face.  

This one he called "SLACKS!" I'm pretty sure because of our neatly ironed, pleated pants, but then again maybe because he thinks we are lazy.  


And finally, this one is called, "PANTSUIT!" 

It's another first day of school picture.  I thought this outfit was the bee's knees until I had to go to the bathroom and get naked just to pee.  Note to parents:  Third graders don't like to get naked at school.  


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