Monday, May 9, 2011

Sarah Lindahl Poops (yes she does, yes she does!)

Today I have a great job.  I'm subbing for an adult basic education teacher who is on vacation for two weeks.  She only teaches two days a week so for the next two weeks, Monday and Wednesday are going to be quiet and peaceful days.  And I get paid hourly at a wage that is twice the going rate for regular sub jobs.  Sweet!  I have spent my day leisurely helping people with GED preparation, or reading skills, and during the down times I have been reading or on the internet.  A few minutes ago I was looking at my stats page, and I looked at the "recent keyword" analysis again which is the page that tells you exactly what people typed in to Google to get to your blog.  My mouth literally hung open when I saw the following:

Someone actually typed in the words "sarah lindahl poops" to google and got my blog.  I am dying of curiosity to know who wants to know about my pooping habits.  (Dad, was it you?)  So then I hit the link and this is what Google shoots back for anyone who googles "sarah lindahl poops":

There are FOUR entries that lead to my blog for anyone that wants to know about me and poop.  Wow.  I love the internet SO MUCH. 


Ha ha, BETH.  I know this was you:

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  1. i'm pretty sure this is how it started for Shakespeare.


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