Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blacked Out

As you might know from previous things I have written on this blog, I strongly suspect that through some kind of black magic, Mitch is actually about 100 years old because most of his cultural references are from the 40s and 50s.  The other night during dinner I was dishing up some peas for Kira and our conversation went like this:

Me:  good?
Kira:  good.
Me:  more?
Kira:  more.
(give her another scoop)
Me: good?
Kira: good.
Me: more?
Kira: more.
(another scoop)
Me: good?
Kira: good.
Me: enough?
Kira: enough.

And then Mitch said, "You two just acted out a scene from Chilly Willy the penguin."  I never watched Chilly Willy because I suspect it was broadcast about seventy years ago and I'm only 41.  So this morning I thought about it and wanted to see when it was made so I could give him a hard time about it, and I loaded up good old Google and saw this:

What?  What's going on? Then I went to Wikipedia and saw this:

Holy crap.  How am I going to find out about Chilly Willy???  I need evidence to back up my continued harassment of my husband!  Come ON, internet!  Help a girl out!  Then I thought, "Oh well." and heard on the radio that winter has finally descended upon us and we are going to have very cold weather this week so I thought, "I should order some firewood!" so I went to Craig's List and saw this:

Now things were starting to get serious.  Because of this internet problem, I could potentially become very cold and much stupider.  I had to learn what was going on.

I listened to a story about it on NPR and learned what it is all about.  The movie and music industries want a law passed to prevent piracy of their intellectual property.  Because gall-dangit, if you watch the movie Chipwrecked illegally on Youtube from a guy who filmed it in the theater and then posted it in ten minute chunks on Youtube for no apparent reason other than the love of Alvin and his brothers, then you should probably be in jail, along with the guy who covertly pirated the movie, and the people on Youtube who let it be posted.  If you want to learn about Chilly Willy the penguin and maybe watch a video of it so you can more thoroughly make fun of your husband; well, you better make sure that that's a legally bought and paid-for copy you are watching OR ELSE!  If the piracy law was in effect I would probably be considered a pirate because I cut and pasted the above images!  If I can't lift images off the internet how am I supposed to write about dickies, or animal hybrids, or Jewish frogs?

Nevermind that I've had to re-buy Sweet's Ballroom Blitz every time it comes out on a new medium and renders my copies obsolete.  Nevermind that we are on our third copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone DVD because it gets watched so much and wears out.  I, along with everyone else, pay for the movies and music we like over and over.  So now because of the internet the playing field is leveling out and the movie and music industries have lobbyists to do their whining for them.   Don't let the congress limit our access to information over the internet.  It's none of their business.  Write to your congressman and let them know you don't want internet censorship.

And btw, does anyone out there have any info on Chilly Willy for me?


  1. Chilly Willy was a cartoon from the 60's, made by the same dude who made Woody Woodpecker. Also, if memory serves, Willy was quite the hockey player.


  2. Don't remember Chilly Willy; but then, at my age, I don't remember much!

  3. "I'm Chilly Willy the penguin, that's why I'm so chilly all the time..."

    was the song on the cartoon.

    i'm very bothered by this SOPA bullshit and have signed petitions and called my senators.

    please make sure you and your friends do the same.

    we still have a voice.


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