Friday, January 6, 2012

Prison is all the rage

I had my first sub job of the year this week.  I worked in a third grade room for three days.  The teacher had a death in the family early Tuesday morning so she called in to the automated system which called a different sub for Tuesday.  That sub apparently didn't want to come back because I was offered the rest of the week.  I like multiple-day jobs and I even like when I have to do all the plans.  It's kind of crazy the first day, but after that it is smooth sailing.  And I love third graders.

Today they had Friday Fun Time in the afternoon so a group of boys got out the geometric blocks and built a large and intricate prison.  They were very proud of it.  They had me come over and they showed me where the cells were located in the sturdily built section with no windows, and then there was a corridor going to the fenced-in yard that had a basketball court and a track.  I asked why they decided that it was a prison and they all just looked at me and shrugged like, "why not?"  Hear that, Playmobil? Oh, nevermind, I see you already know:

The kids are dying to play prison!  I told them that I used to work at the jail.  They wanted to know all about it so I told them some prison vocabulary words like "shiv," "shank," "keister" and "celly;" I also told them how to start a fire with pilfered paperclip and an electrical outlet; and they loved learning about toilet wine! (Just kidding. I didn't tell them what keister means.)

We also learned about our solar system this week.  I told them the mnemonic for remembering the planets, My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas.  I had kids coming up to me all week screaming that sentence at me because I told them I'd give them a thank-you slip if they could remember it.  It was a very fun three days.  I'm sad it's over.  I'm going to miss those crazy little nutjobs.


  1. I always loved Sub days when I was in school. It's a rare teacher who doesn't fall into the rut of day to day life with the same kids. Subs make things fun and new and interesting. Bravo you!

  2. I'm glad you had some good days!

  3. Stop! My sides are hurting!!

  4. i wonder how many of those little tots will actually end up in prison?


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