Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Club

It was book club night last night.  We met at a quiet little coffee shop where there were several young college types working on laptops.  We tried not to be too loud and disrupting and to act as mature as we look, but it didn't last long.  We dutifully discussed the book and picked a new book and then things kind of fell apart.  One of the ladies told us that she was going to Pampered Chef-like party, but instead of selling kitchen utensils, they sell sex toys.  Some of the ladies said they would be too embarrassed to actually buy anything and one of the ladies said that she went to one of those parties long ago and bought some strawberry-flavored edible body gel, but never used it and forgot about it until she was cleaning one day and found it.  She opened it and it had apparently gone bad.  She said it smelled like Robitussin.  She didn't want to just throw it away (that shit's expensive!) so she thought she could still make some use of it and kept it in case her husband was ever feeling amorous but also had a bit of a cough. Two birds, you know?

Then someone noticed a nearby table of three young women who looked like they were in the midst of a Bible study.  They all had Bibles, anyway.  We know they were Bibles because one of the ladies craned her neck to look and then turned back and whispered, "They aren't dictionaries, I'm pretty sure they are Bibles." because if it's not a Bible study, its probably a dictionary study, right?  Always a master of segue and conversation, I said (quietly), "Speaking of Bible study and sex toys, have any of you ever seen the Baby Jesus Butt Plug?

which the second after I said it I thought might be a show-stopper and would cause the our book-club meeting to be abbreviated, but it wasn't!  I love these ladies!  Unfortunately it did lead to a (quiet) discussion about butt plugs and how they could possibly be sex toys.  We don't see the appeal.  Hear that, kinky men out there?  No matter what your enthusiastic lady-friend says, nobody likes butt plugs.

I learn a lot at book club.


  1. hmmm...I could learn from this book club! Where do you meet? lol

  2. Can I skype you on book club night?

    J/K. I have no idea how to skype.


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