Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Got Mail

I got the mail today and I saw an envelope from Kady.  Man, I really love getting mail from Kady, but this one wasn't a postcard, it was in an envelope!  What was it?!  Open it! Open it!  So I opened it and it was a holiday style photo-card of Kady and Summer:

I absolutely love every single thing about this card.  I love that they had a professional photo taken of the two of them in their man's-work clothing.  I love that they have featured some of their tools in the picture.  I love that they both have classic professional-portrait looks on their faces.  Look closer:

Look even closer:

Summer is looking off in the distance while sitting in an obviously uncomfortable and unnatural position.  Kady looks pleasantly lobotomized.  I love their gloves.  I love Summer's knee pads.  I love that the card is signed, "SL-Serc Ho's, Kady and Summer"  At first I thought SL Serc Ho's was some kind of French greeting, but then I read Kady's hat and I am making the assumption that SL Serco is their company.  I love that Kady kept this to herself and didn't blog about it as soon as she saw how hilarious the picture is.  I love that it was a total surprise.  I love that as soon as Mitch saw it the first thing he said was, "Wow, they have a really nice GPS."

Thank you, Kady and Summer.  You totally made my day!


  1. What? You've never gotten Sears Portait Studio photos taken of you and a work buddy??

    Love that you figured out the mysterious signature. P.s. the font style was not our pick.

  2. Do you think Kady practices the "pleasantly lobotomised" look in the mirror?

  3. It actually comes very naturally.

    But yes. I practice it.

  4. I can just see both of you practicing your look in the mirror. Well, it paid off. You nailed it.


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