Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It's Kira's 12th birthday today.  Since she has reached another milestone in her life, she thought she would give snapping her fingers another try.  You see, throughout her entire life, she has yearned, YEARNED, to snap her fingers and never could.  Meanwhile, other kids were strutting around, snapping like they didn't have a care in the world, not realizing how insensitive they were being because poor little Kira could not snap.  It was cruel.  Want to sing the Adam's Family song?  Sorry, you can't do the snaps.  Too bad.  Want to give accolades to people who read their poems at poetry slams?  Oops, sorry again, you can't snap.  You better stay home.

Well, tonight after birthday cake, she gave snapping another shot and she actually did it.  She was thrilled.  Way, way too thrilled.  Someone jokingly said that she can probably do all kinds of things now that she couldn't do before she turned twelve.  I saw her start thinking that over.  A short time later she dug out her old padlock that I bought her years ago for her gym bag.  It is a tricky one and she could never get the hang of jiggling it just right to get it open. I got her a different one and told her to throw the tricky one away but apparently she didn't. She was saving it for the day she could at last become master and commander of the tricky padlock and finally make it bend to her will! Oh, the agony and frustration she went through because she couldn't open that padlock.  Oh, the agony and frustration I went through because she couldn't open that padlock!

Tonight she was able to open the tricky padlock!  She really is full of all kinds of new abilities.  Watch out unicycle, you're next!  And after that, who knows, maybe she'll give the distributive property another whirl! Take that, MATH!


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