Monday, January 30, 2012

I Got Some Good Advice

I wrote in to get some advice from Hobo Siren recently.  Today she answered my question with an amazing video blog that you can see here.  Here's a screenshot of her:

Wait, that's not the best shot.  This is better:

Like how straight her teeth are?  Anyway, my question was:
Dear Hobo Siren,

There is a woman I see occasionally because she is a substitute teacher like I am.  I have known her for years but I don't remember her name.  In my head I call her "Wet Head" because her hair is dripping wet when she comes to school in the morning.  Seriously, it's like she stuck her head in a bucket right before she walked in the doors.  Is there any way I can tactfully ask her her name after all this time without it coming across as totally insulting?

She gave me some great advice.  First of all this:
Coming to Hobo Siren with my query was half the battle.  She had a few different options for me to solve my problem, and she reassured me that not remembering Wet Head's name is not my fault.  I can't be expected to remember the stupid name of every person I work with for five years, now can I?

No.  I can't.

Like I said, she gave me a few different methods, and was helpful enough to tell me which methods probably wouldn't work.  That's a real time-saver.

She was even kind enough to act out the scenarios I might use to tactfully find out Wet Head's actual name using real names so as to make the scenarios even more realistic.

Fool proof!  Now I don't have to hide behind doors and sneak through hallways when I see the tell-tale trail of drips indicating that Wet-Head is in the building!  I have options!*  Thanks, Hobo Siren!

*(I'm just going to call her Jessica)


  1. I watched summers video Edition of ask hobo siren and I instantly knew you asked that question! I'm a loyal reader of your blog and think you are pretty funny! This comment sounds dumb but whatever....ok lol m

  2. Thanks for these amazing thumbnail images of my blow-up doll face. "Never underestimate the power of suggestion," once said a lonely, single hag.

  3. But what if her name is Elizabeth?

  4. Eva, is her name Elizabeth? I don't know. I'll call her Jessica and maybe she'll correct me. Of course, now I'm only thinking of her as Jessica so that's all I will call her from now on. Oh well. It's better than Wet Head I guess.

  5. Britnie, thank you so much for your comment! I'm so glad you are a loyal reader and think I'm kind of funny! Comment more often, I didn't even know you were out there!

  6. I was very sympathetic towards your question; this has happened to me & I'm not even a sub. I'm there at school all the time! Have you thought about asking "wet head" to sign a fake-but irresistible-petition? That way you would have written evidence of her name for the next time you forget it.

  7. Kerry, that is WONDERFUL advice! A petition! I think I'm going to carry one around with me all the time for when I can't remember a name, "Oh, before I forget, do you want to sign this petition to retain public bathrooms?"


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