Saturday, September 3, 2011

A day of crisis

Three things have happened that are making for a tough day for me, as it would any mother:

1) We gave away our swing set because my children are no longer children, but adolescents. The little girl across the road gets it now which is good.  She'll got a lot of use out of it.

2) Both to Kira's and my horror we went shopping to buy her her first bra.

3) Sam caught a snake this morning and gave it to Kira who put it in a bucket and put it in her room.  It escaped the bucket and now we have a loose snake in the house.  

To deal with the first two things, Kira and I drowned our sorrows in ice cream at McDonalds.  While she was eating her sundae she said, "This sundae is so good I want to get its autograph but I already ate its hands, so too bad," which I thought was weird.  Why would you want the autograph of anyone, much less a stupid sundae.

Then we went to Animal Allies to pet cats because sometimes that makes us feel better about things.  Cats are kind of gross.  Did you know they shit in a box right in your house?  Yuck.  But they are fun to pet if you can avert your eyes from the constant flashing-of-anus.  I guess a person who has a snake free-shitting in her house shouldn't throw stones at the people who have cats who admirably limit their shitting to a box.

Then we came home and discovered the snake had escaped.  I told her to FIND IT and she looked really hard for about 4 minutes.  Then she went outside and now she's playing on the bare spot in the yard where her swing set used to be.  I DON'T THINK YOU'RE GOING TO FIND THE SNAKE OUT THERE!


  1. Oh, Sarah, I loved this! Hilarious! My sons once lost a snake in the house. We never found it. We sold the house.

  2. "I want to get its autograph but I already ate its hands" that right there is priceless! LOL

    It's so hard to let go of the little kid age :(. I miss that part of their lives so much and they are so glad to be done with it. If only they knew.


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