Monday, September 26, 2011

E Nun C 8

Tonight at dinner we were all quiet and Sam said, "I got a B on my social studies test," but because he is a teenager and mumbles everything he says, we ALL heard,

"I got a BM in social studies. Huh."

In fact, Mitch, Kira and I could have sworn that's what he said. That is exactly what we all heard. How can three people miss-hear the same exact thing?

Then a few minutes ago Mitch and I heard something on TV about "Cock Robin," which is a poem, but we didn't know it was a poem so Mitch googled it and said kind of quietly to himself, "Oh, it's a poem. I thought it was some kind of pest." As in V.D.  As in, "Dammit woman! I have cock robins, AGAIN!"


  1. I can't stop laughing about cock robins! Tweet tweet!

  2. LOL Give a whole new meaning to giving someone the bird!

  3. Crabs are scary, lobsters would be scarier... but holy sh-t cock robins? They would swoop out at you from his pants, build nests in his pubes, and peck the... okay so the pecker part is right.


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