Friday, September 23, 2011

My daughter has huge cojones

"Mom, you need to step up your parenting a notch.  There's a kid in my class that gets twenty bucks a week for doing NOTHING.  I have to weed and empty the dishwasher just to get five bucks!"

This was said immediately after she showed me she ruined her new pants and then had me sign her grade reports which were nothing to brag about.


  1. Summer and I were napping at lunch. I was thinking about how dangerous our jobs were. We are going into the worst neighborhoods imaginable...I'm thinking...raise??

    BUT we were both sleeping. In the conference room. And me saying, "I think we need to ask for a raise."

  2. I am surprised that kids haven't formed a union.

  3. Did you tell her befriend the lazy rich kid?

  4. You should have added vacuuming to her list for that comment ;)


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