Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We had a blizzard today. We got about 8 inches of heavy wet snow. The only good thing about it is that the kids made these crazy little snowmen. Sam always makes his snowmen slim and trim. For some reason a fat round snowman doesn't appeal to him. Before it got it's hat and eyes and stick-arms it looked like a snow hotdog.

Are you surprised about how small they are? These are half-assed snow men. Snow projects get lame the further into spring you get.

Kira's was originally a traditional three-baller, but she lost interest while making the head and it was only about the size of an orange and the hat completely covered it, so she just punched it off and put the face on the chest.

Mitch is refusing to snow-blow the driveway so, for a few days, we are going to have to go about 30 mph in reverse to get over the hump at the end that the plow made. Hopefully it will get warm enough to melt SOON.


  1. I met my sister Kim, who lives in Cook, in Duluth to get my kids back (they'd stayed with her for a week while Ben and I were in San Francisco). It was horrible! Her husband and her and my nephew had sand in a 5 gallon pail to help get us up hills while also pushing (their van, then mine). The day before I had been in sunshine in California. We went into Olive Garden for lunch and when we came out I stepped off the curb into a pile of snow almost up to my knee.

  2. So, because Kira lost the head on hers...did that mean that she had to put buttons on the ground to make it "look" taller?

  3. Kady, are you refering to the time I painted the skin above my nails to the knuckles to make my nails appear longer? In my defense I was like 12. At the most 13 or 14.

  4. That's a good idea. Did it look real?


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