Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Things are happening around here!

When we came home from school today we discovered that one of Sam's crayfish, Home Fries is his name, shed his shell! So cool and kind of gross. He's almost transparent now and we haven't touched him, but I bet he's kind of soft. He's very jumpy so he probably feels a little vulnerable, especially with the other gigantic crayfish, Cheesecurds, in the tank with him. They don't seem close. Here's a picture of the shed skin:

He even shed the part that goes over his antennae. Cool. I wish we could have watched. Here is what he looks like now:

Ghost fish! Woooooo!

This is the other crayfish, the big one, Cheesecurds. He's eating some ham. They've lived in that tiny tank eating only ham for over 6 months. Tough little buggers!

Another thing that's happening around here is that I'm crocheting a blanket. I'm kind of obsessed with it. Here it is so far:

I'm trying out a new stitch that I just learned.

Also I got my grade on the rough draft of "Kira's" Bill Clinton biography and her teacher has given me a lot of criticism. I have some changes to make. Good thing I majored in English! I think a college degree helps to pass this (third grade) class.

In other news, Kira "aced" her spelling test last week. She actually got four wrong but she thinks "acing" means "passing." Now she's telling me I owe her an ice cream cone for everything she aces.

I'm also recovering from blasting my hammies. I can straighten my left leg now, but righty is still pretty stiff.

I also learned how to link.


  1. I LOVE THAT BLANKET! It is so perfect!

  2. Thank you! I love it too. The crocheting obsession is starting to take it's toll though. I had unpleasant dreams about having to crochet something for someone. Stitch after stitch after stitch. I fell asleep with it on my lap today though, and it is nice and toasty.

  3. I loooove the blanket! You will have to teach me that stitch.

  4. Yes is there a way to explain the stitch on here?

    p.s. your crayfish is trying to crawl into my bed while I am falling asleep.

  5. Okay, here's how to do it. When you start you have to do the first two rows normal just to get things started. Then to start the stitch I'm doing, you skip one stitch and go on to the next one, crochet it like normal, and then because you skipped a stitch, you have to make it up by crocheting another stitch after you finish or else at the end of the row you'd only have half as many stitches that you started with.

  6. so you skip one, stitch one, go back, stich in the open hole and then always do like 'x's the whole time?

  7. No, you skip one, stitch one, and then because you skipped one, you just crochet one (like your starting a new line) to make up for the one that you skipped. And keep going like that.


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