Monday, March 2, 2009

Look what Mitch made!

Our basement is being remodeled by Mitch. He moved the bathroom from one spot to another which was a MAJOR undertaking. It all started with me telling him that the sink in the bathroom was leaky. He went to fix it and found one horrible and disgusting design flaw after another in the plumbing and septic areas and it turned into a total basement remodel. So anyway. The bathroom is getting worked on now and it is beautiful! It's mostly white tile with blue glass accents. Mitch just made a vanity for it and it looks like this:

That is blue glass in there and I'm sure the picture isn't doing it justice. It took my breath away when I went down to look at it. The door will go on with hinges on the bottom and will pull down. I am so excited about it! And it fits just perfectly into the small space.

While I was taking pictures of it, Kira had an idea. She did a handstand against the sliding glass door and told me that in the picture it will look like she is doing it on her own. Does it? Pretend I didn't just tell you the trick and try to look at it objectively.


  1. Kick-ass vanity! Nice job, Mitch. I especially like the fact that the front will be hinged at the bottom. Good idea.

  2. That will look great in that bathroom. Nice job Mitcho. Yes it does look like Kira is doing the handstand on her own.

  3. Tell Mitch the vanity is beautiful-is that what he does for a living-if not, he totally should. Kira totally looks like she is doing that on her own!

  4. Are we gonna get to see the whole finished project? and yes Kira looks like she is doing it on her own.


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