Saturday, March 28, 2009


This may be the last thing I write before being overcome by the smoke that is filling the house. I could go outside to save my lungs and possibly my life, but I'd rather not. It's snowing out.

The reason smoke is filling the house is because Mitch is preheating the oven because he's going to make some bread. We have lived in this house for nine years and I am ashamed to say I've never cleaned the oven. (Actually, I'm not all that ashamed.) I was sure when we moved in that the 1972 Tappan oven was on its last leg. Why bother cleaning something that's going to break down soon anyway? The blackened layer of pizza cheese is probably the only thing keeping the old girl going at this point.

My method of neglect (abuse) worked on the old dishwasher that sounded like a semi truck. You know those commercials where people put a whole cake in the dishwasher to show off how good it cleans? I did stuff like that. It really works. The funny thing is, I don't think the dishwasher broke because of anything I did. I think it was just its time to go. Now I have a new one and I take good care of it. (No Mitch, I don't pre-rinse! It's a DISH WASHER.)

We had an old stove top (not connected to the oven) when we moved in too. We recently replaced that with a glass top and I feel like a millionaire now! FIVE burners! Cleanup is a snap! I was down to one on the old stove so it was sort of like camping or living in a dorm room and only having a hot plate.

I have to stop, drop and roll now, into the basement. My eyeballs are burning.

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  1. My sister in law comes over sometimes and decides she's going to clean my disgusting stove top, but she'll leave the burner pans in a sink of water and go home, so I have to finish them. Another time she put my oven on self clean and left, leaving me to wipe the crap out. I told her I don't want her kind of help anymore. It's too much work, that's why I don't start it in the first place. She knows exactly what she's doing.


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