Monday, March 23, 2009

Finished Projects!

Today's post is (mostly) dedicated to projects that I have written about that are now finished! First of all, my blanket. It's done and I really like it. I gave it to Mitch. Happy Birthday!

Next is Kira's bust of Bill Clinton. Here's the finished product. Creepy huh? I think it looks like George Washington. (when he's surprised... and has jaundice)

Almost as creepy as her nutcracker project.

Next, and the best one of all, is the new bathroom vanity that Mitch made. I love it!

In other news, we had a spring ice storm today. There is nothing more unpleasant than waking up before dawn on a Monday to driving rain and 30 degree temperatures! I love Minnesota!

I fell down walking into a school and I am going to get an enormous bruise on my arm. The funny thing is that it didn't hurt at all when I fell. About a half an hour later I rubbed my arm and felt a hard lump and immediately thought, OH GREAT, BONE CANCER. But then I remembered that I fell and that it was probably just a developing bruise. (I'll keep you posted either way. )


  1. Awesome blanket. The nutcracker and Bill look surprising alike. I love the tiles in the bathroom and the vanity compliments it nicely.

  2. Love the blanket! Will you make me one?? Love the vanity - that is really cool! I like Kira's Bill Clinton, not nearly as scary as the nut cracker. Always something fun happening at your house! Jill :)

  3. I LOVE THE BLANKET!! I love the colors I think I might have to copy it but of course mine will be a half blanket and then sit in the garage or closet for the rest of it's life. The bathroom looks great! I love the tiles and the vanity....good job Mitch. Bill Clinton looks awesome...props to Kira.


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