Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Spring!

Today on Prairie Home Companion Garrison Keilor said that March in Minnesota was invented to show people who don't drink what a hangover is like. I really really like that analogy. I went out to run errands today and didn't wear my knee length, fur-lined parka and opted instead for a light fleece jacket because IT'S SPRING, after all. It was so cold and windy in the grocery store parking lot that I literally choked on the wind. I couldn't get a breath.

My friend from Sweden posted pictures on her facebook page of wildflowers that are popping up in her yard. Now. In Sweden. WAY further north than Minnesota.

There are no flowers in Minnesota right now. Even if there was a hearty little flower that thought it should sprout in March, it would have a tough time busting through the two feet of snow that we still have and then surviving the 50 mile an hour wind. Poor little flower.

So I've been feeling sorry for myself and stayed in most of the day and continued to crochet my blanket (which is almost ten feet long at this point. I may have to do a little unraveling) and watched Twilight. Again.


  1. Not to deflate your argument, because even 20 years later, I remember what a truly long, cold Minnesota winter is like (as I recall, the wind and intense cold could actually create a kind of sand-blasting effect with the granulated snow...and it lasted for about 7 months of the year), but Sweden's climate benefits hugely from the Gulf Stream - the bastards.

  2. They are probably dead now .... we´ve had a terrible snowstorm this last week and I haven´t dared to check yet =) Bastards ??? hmmm

  3. YOU'RE not a bastard Cissi, that's only people who don't get snowstorms in March. They are the true bastards, the lucky bastards. Like people who live in Texas, where it is in the seventies and sunny, JARED.


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