Monday, March 9, 2009

Kira got whacked

Today Kira's class was playing floor hockey in gym and she got whacked with a little plastic puck hard enough to make a gash in her eyebrow. A little one, but still. It was right at the end of the day so they called me down to the nurses office to look at her and I was envisioning having to go downtown to get stitches, but it was just a tiny thing, however it bled like crazy. She asked if she would have a scar and I said that even if she does, it will be hidden in her (giant, slavic) eyebrow so nobody will ever see it. She was disappointed. She likes the look of a few scars. I think it sends a message she likes conveyed to others. Then she got all excited and said, "Mom! Think of the scab we get to pick in a few days!" (We both love picking. I'm touched that she's going to share it with me!)

The gym teacher said she didn't even cry and that she is the toughest girl he's ever had in any gym class. She's a little swollen, but she's outside right now jumping on the trampoline so she must be feeling okay. I hope she doesn't have a concussion. I can't imagine trampoline jumping is the best for that.


  1. I want her tell people, "you should see the other guy."

  2. I love the picture of her blood shirt. I bet she thinks that's cool. What does Sam think of all this? Jealous or frightened? Did he give her a lecture on safety?

  3. Oh! and she does have huge eyebrows, might be time to pluck! Don't let her pluck them into hockey sticks like mine used to be even though she would probably think that was pretty cool.

  4. Your brows did look like hockey sticks, Beth.


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