Saturday, May 2, 2009

Don't read this if you haven't seen X Men Origins: Wolverine (and want to see it)

The whole family went to see X Men last night because I LOVE the X Men. (I wish I could be a mutant, but with my luck it would be some stupid and embarrassing mutation.) Hugh Jackman was really fun to watch throughout the whole movie, but when he gets mad and has to talk his lips disappear, and Mitch pointed out that when I watch Hugh Jackman talking with no lips, my lips disappear too. Mitch also noticed that Hugh Jackman can't really turn off his musical-theater-grace and said that in the scenes when he was supposed to be in a mutant rage, running after someone, he would sort of shift his body to one side and gracefully "mince" (Mitch's word).

At the end of the movie, there is a huge battle between Wolverine and Colonel Stryker
(bad guy) because Stryker was killing off mutants just for the sake of killing off mutants (and using Wolverine's own half-brother Victor to do it!). Wolverine got wind of this and got super pissed and wanted to find him and kill him (also because Stryker had Wolverine's girlfriend killed [or did he???]) so he went to kill Stryker at his super secret lab that was on Three Mile Island, (yes THE Three Mile Island). Three Mile Island was a mess after the battle (historically true to life, thank you! and you always thought it was a nuclear meltdown, well, now you know), Stryker did not die, and he managed to shoot Wolverine with adamantium bullets in his brain because although Wolverine can survive bullets to the brain, because of the properties of adamantium, he lost his memory, hence X Men, X Men II, and X Men III. Poor poor Wolverine.

The worst thing about the movie was learning that Wolverine's real name isn't Logan, like we all thought it was forever and ever, but instead, his name is Jimmy. Doesn't really fit somehow.

Wolverine (Jimmy) and Sabertooth (Victor)
He doesn't look like a "Jimmy" does he?


  1. I didn't know that Liev Schrieber was in this movie!!! I am soooo in love with him....have been for years.(before anyone else!) Yummy.

  2. Lorin and I went to X-Men this evening. I LOVED it. I am a huge fan of superhero/mutant movies and this was great! I love that they showed a lot of mutants and their powers in this movie. But Lorin said the best part was when I got up to go to the bathroom and I tripped on the wheelchair platform and fell FLAT on my face. It was REALLY dark in there I tripped on the edge and went down HARD. I was laughing so hard but at the same time trying to be quiet. I went to the bathroom and cracked up in the stall and was still cracking up when I got back into the theater (Lorin was still laughing too by the way). It was pretty funny. But anyhoo GOOD movie.

  3. I loved it too, but a lot of the diehard fans hated it. Jerks. I am still laughing about you falling down and then laughing to yourself in a bathroom stall. LOL!


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