Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I joined Twitter a while back but only two people I know are members, and they NEVER update their status, so it's kind of boring. I started following MPR's tweets and also Hugh Jackman's tweets (yes, they are called tweets, get with it!) and today I was bored at work so I read a series of posts right in a row. When I looked at myself in the frame of MPR/Hugh Jackman/me and our Twitter posts, I look like a total moron. Here's a little sample of the posts:

MPR: FDA takes issue with Cheerios health claims

Hugh Jackman: Just landed in Paris...

Sarah Lindahl: My hand smells weird.

MPR: Sugar and corn syrup battle for tastebuds

Hugh Jackman: Just landed in Rio... It is an incredible night!

Sarah Lindahl: Have I mentioned that constipation is no fun?

MPR: St. Lawrence Seaway turns 50

Hugh Jackman: Off to bed... Training at 5:00

Sarah Lindahl: Watchin' Biggest Loser, eatin' snacks

MPR: How is your local newspaper faring?

Hugh Jackman: My thoughts and prayers have been with all of those that have suffered directly or indirectly from the swine flu in Mexico.

Sarah Lindahl: I have no followers, kind of sad but kind of nice. I can say anything I want and nobody cares

MPR: Jury selection begins in Minneapolis police corruption trial

Sarah Lindahl: blah blah blah. pee, poop, boobs, farts

You get the idea... It was a little shocking to see what a loser I am compared to MPR and Hugh Jackman's public persona. Now I need to make a plan to mature and become an actual grownup. Ugh.

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  1. If I were on twitter I would totally follow your poop and boobs tweets.


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