Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

It's mother's day so I've obviously been thinking of my mother. Thank you, Mom, for being my mom and doing such a terrific job raising me. (I forgot to buy a card in time for you to get it today, so expect it this week! Sorry. [I guess you didn't do THAT great a job of raising me after all.])

I was remembering the time that we were living in Australia when I was eleven years old. We were visiting the Apostles Islands National Park, which is a series of beautiful cliffs on the coast.

My mom wouldn't let us go within fifty feet of the cliff edge, obviously, but my dad went up to the very edge, and when he looked down he noticed that there was another ledge about three feet below the main cliff and he thought it would be really funny to jump down to the lower cliff because we, being fifty feet back, would think he jumped the whole way down. I think the joke was supposed to be on my mom because Dad told us what he was up to. He went to the edge, looked down, jumped and disappeared. I remember my mom gasped and put her hands to her mouth and then said, "Oh my god! He has the car keys!"

So Happy Mother's Day to my very practical-minded Mother. I love you!


  1. I love her reaction. I always wonder what will pop out of my mouth on dire occasions. You have no control, although I don't usually control what I say anyway.

  2. I just panicked because I didn't know how I was going to get you kids back to Pakenham. Not that I could drive there anyway. Never did get the other side of the road thing.

  3. That comment came up anonymous. It told me to choose a profile and I didn't know what to put. I don't know what to put on this either. You might have to explain it to me.


    I have retold this story so many times already.


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