Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5 things I learned today

We have a new channel called Retro Television and it has all kinds of shows from the 70s and 80s. Mitch's new favorite is Ironside. Here are five things I have learned after watching a few minutes of it and talking it over with Mitch, and then double checking using Google:

1. Ironside is the character's actual name. As in Jeff Ironside. I always thought it was the nickname, Ironsides, referring to the metal sides of his wheelchair. I thought it was weird that everyone called him Chief Ironside. That would be like my sister calling that guy she knows at work whose nickname is Pignuts, "Mr. Pignuts" or "Chief Pignuts." Not very professional if you ask me. And also confusing. What are we supposed to think when the writers name him an obscure name like Ironside and then put him in a wheelchair?

2. Ironside is played by Raymond Burr and not Orson Wells like I always thought. I said something about it being Orson Wells and Mitch said, "It's not Orson Wells! It's the same guy who played Perry Mason!" I said, "Yeah... I know... Orson Wells."

Raymond Burr
(Ironside and Perry Mason)

3. Orson Wells does not play Perry Mason, Raymond Burr did that too.

4. After looking on Google, I also learned that Orson wells was not Mr. French on Family Affair either!

Sebastian Cabot
(Mr. French)

5. Orson Wells wasn't nearly the prolific an actor I thought he was.

Orson Wells
(NOT Perry Mason, NOT Ironsides, NOT Mr. French)


  1. I used to take a blind girl rollerblading and we needed to go side by side. In order to keep enough distance between us, I took a blind turner which I happened to have in my trunk. I would tell people about going rollerblading with her and everybody thought it was so insensitive that there was a tool called a blind turner. I had to explain that it was actually the wand that is on Venetian Blinds that you use to turn the blinds. It's the perfect length to put enough distance between you and the blind person while roller blading. Pure Coincidence.

  2. Kady's comment CRACKED me up! I was also thinking "What's a blind turner?"


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