Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Summer!

It was supposed to be twenty degrees this morning when we got up. It wasn't. It's a warm day so Mitch taught Sam to use the lawn tractor and he mowed the middles of all the lawns. He was SO EXCITED about it. Now I just have to go around and do the edges and around the obstacles and try to avoid getting strangled to death by the birch tree. I narrowly avoid that every year. I also put out the hummingbird feeders. I hang one of them under the eave on the deck and every summer Mitch runs into it a million times and it spills a little out on his head and then he gets all sticky and cranky. He says I'm being passive aggressive by hanging it there, I say it's hung at eye level so just OPEN YOUR EYES.

The yard is shaping up and summer is starting. Ahhhh.... feels so good.

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  1. I didn't realize you had a wrap around deck. I love it. Beautiful.


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